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VOVACARE provides organisations with a unique set of customer experience management solutions

Our solutions allow your customers to tell you what is happening, while it is happening,
so that you can initiate customer care improvements needed, where, and when, it matters to your customers.

What we do

Interactive Feedback Kiosk

Reacting quickly to feedback collected via traditional suggestion boxes is difficult. That’s why we replace your old suggestion boxes with interactive kiosks so that you can run customer satisfaction surveys while customers are experiencing your service.


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Survey Software

Collecting feedback data without a system is a challenge. That’s why we provide a powerful software management platform to manage feedback collection, set up questionnaires, generate meaningful reports and even alert you when an urgent customer service problem arises.


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We guide you in implementing Change

Changing old habits can be hard!  That’s why we facilitate the entire process.  From providing and implementing technology to designing data collection methods, analyzing and interpreting results, and most importantly helping you drive improvements that lead to better customer satisfaction.


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Mystery Shopping

Vovacare offers mystery shopping services to organizations in Rwanda that consist of sending anonymous customers, who have been screened and trained, to secretly evaluate your service the way a regular customer would.


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Have Your Feedback Questions Delivered Everywhere.

Store Results in One Place.

VOVACARE identifies how well your company’s products and services are being received by customers through establishing listening points across customer touchpoints. This allows your organization to collect rich insights in a form that is both convenient for customers and cost effective for you.

VOVACARE provides a wide range of survey and feedback collection methods including:

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