Strategy Development

  • We start by evaluating your current customer care position. Our aim is to understand your business and serve as foundation for recommendations, therefore we map your operation processes and structures to see the full picture.
  • This is used to define areas for improvements, hereafter we structure a strategy of future goals, necessary actions and key performance measurements to increase customer satisfaction and customer retention, and ultimately increase your profitability.
  • We help you choose the right set of metrics for your organisation such as:
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Measures how satisfied customer are with an organisation.
  • Net Promoter Score(NPS)®: Measures customer loyalty based on specific interactions or overall perceptions.
  • Customer Effort Score (CES): Measures how much effort is required of a customer to solve a problem.
  • Customer Experience Index (CXi): Measures multiple elements of a service interaction.

Tactical Application Design

  • The next step is to design an implementable plan to make your goals reality. We assemble a project team combined of our specialists and your key business players to create a change implementation plan complete with timelines and project budget.
  • During this time we also establish data collection methods, which involves customer questionnaire design and selecting appropriate feedback technology.

Project Implementation

  • This is where all plans are put into motion and our project managers ensure that implementation are done within the desired time-frame and budget.
  • We install the chosen feedback devices and customize software to suit the project needs, making sure that the questionnaires, notifications and reports are functioning correctly so that real-time action is possible and that the desired insights can be derived.

Data Analysis

  • At this point we are gathering major amounts of data and now is the time to start deciphering what it all means.
  • Our software will provide analytical reports on the identified areas of improvement, the project team then use this information to ascertain operational process and structure improvements that should be applied for a better customer experience.
Uncover Insights

Driving Improvements

  • Now is the time to drive improvements and we take the lead in this to equip employees with the skills needed to ensure project success.

  • We train employees on interpersonal skills, process changes and new technology, through the use of one-on-one training sessions, train-the-trainer sessions, and training manuals where needed.

  • Once we are confident that your employees are following the new operational processes we once again go back to the analytical reports to track the success of the change and make any needed adjustments.

Delivering Business Growth

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