Why Mystery Shopping?

Your organization earn great reputations when every location consistently executes against the standards you have set.

Measure your ability to represent your organization to your customers. Find out if your customers really experience what you intend them to experience.

Measure your standards

Vovacare offers mystery shopping services to organizations in Rwanda that consist of sending anonymous customers, who have been screened and trained, to secretly evaluate your service the way a regular customer would.

Our mystery shoppers then report their experience using a pre-defined assessment grid that enables you to pinpoint the very attributes and behaviors proven to drive superior customer experience, effective selling techniques and other critical performance attributes.

Data you can trust

Vovacare provides the highest quality mystery shopping programs in Rwanda. To do this, we first focus on screening and selecting the right mystery shoppers through a rigorous qualification process based on your requirements.

We then audit 100% of mystery shopping visits to check for consistency & integrity. If we feel a mystery shopping visit is suspicious, we cancel it and send another mystery shopper. Lastly, our visits are recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Full-Service Mystery shopping

We offer a wide of mystery shopping services in Rwanda:

  • Customer Care Standards Evaluation

  • Product Knowledge Assessment

  • Cross-Selling/Up-selling skills

  • Internal/External Appearance

  • Staff Dress Code Compliance

  • Phone Etiquette

  • Staff Anti-Fraud/Integrity Assessment

Get started with your Mystery Shopping program!

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