Industries We Serve

Our mission is to transform the service industry in East Africa, including the hospitality, tourism, banking, and retail industries, to simultaneously increase the value customers receive and the revenue of service providers.

We aim to:

  • Engage with customers at the point of contact to measure their satisfaction and resolve issues in real-time.
  • Collect customer suggestions to improve service delivery and service offerings.

in the following industries:
  • We help you protect your reputation by getting instant feedback from customers, so that you can rectify any service issue before a negative review gets out.
  • Our feedback touch points can be installed directly in a hotel lobby, a high traffic hallway, or on restaurant tables so that customers can give instant feedback on these devices or we can implement a QR code system where customers scan the code and send feedback directly from their cell phone. With both of these options, poor customer service alerts can be sent to management before the customer even leave your premises so that you can rectify the situation before it’s too late.
  • We can also help you gain customer input into planned improvements to menu’s, services and facilities by making use of online surveys that they can complete from any location.

Banks & Insurance Collecting Customer Feedback

  • We help bank, insurance and financial services companies collect feedback at various points in the lifecycle of their retail and corporate customers.
  • At each moment, a customer interacts with a bank teller, cashier, branch manager or any other department, we can help you collect customer satisfaction survey data using SMS, email, or interactive feedback kiosks.

Customer Feedback Tool for Process Improvement

Key Benefits include:

  • Integrated feedback reducing silos across departments, providing organisational visibility
  • Easily identify poor customer service levels across bank tellers, branches, or departments
  • Deploy timely process improvements, recovering millions in potentially lost assets from dissatisfied customers

  • Reaching the customer at the point of purchase is a valuable asset for retail stores, here you can ask for customer input that will give you insight into their decision making process (why did they come to your store) and in-store service experience, this can help you with store layout designs as well, product selections as well checkout processes.
  • We can implement touch points for after-sale feedback at pay points for the customer to use while a cashier is busy with the checkout process in order to get direct feedback; or floor standing enclosures can be used offering product or store information to customers, where their usage patterns can be used to gather in store behaviour knowledge.
  • At each moment a customer interacts with store employee, or a cashier, we can help you collect customer satisfaction survey data to drive improvements in your retail store and ensure your customers keep coming back

  • Not only do public sector institutions have large volumes of citizens to keep satisfied, but the workforce itself is vast and effective ways of getting input from both these stakeholders is very important for service delivery success.
  • We help public sector institutions collect feedback on public service delivery and all other government service areas to be used for measurement and improvement of quality of service delivery.
  • Feedback for different public service can be collected via SMS or interactive feedback kiosks. Our voice-activated feedback kiosks can be implemented for the visually impaired or those who have reading challenges to ensure every citizen gets his voice heard in the interest of public service delivery improvement for all.

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