Interactive Feedback Kiosks

We replace the old suggestion box with highly visible interactive feedback kiosks

  • This onsite, easy to use, innovative tool is sure to catch your customer’s attention, leaving them excited about making valuable comments and suggestions.  Because of the interactive nature of the kiosk your customers will be able to tick rating boxes and answer open-ended questions by typing their own words so that they are not limited in the type of feedback they are able to give.
  • Our secure touchscreen enclosures are designed for flexibility and can be on a table top, loose standing or wall mounted. They are custom fit to accommodate the layout and design of your premises, while they are branded with your company logo
  • We provide iPad and Android kiosks, but also traditional Windows-based kiosks, all in a secure and reliable enclosure that ensure your device stays exactly where it was intended.

Desk Kiosks

Floor Standing Kiosks

SMS & Mobile Feedback

Get rapid feedback from your customers via their mobile phone.

SMS Feedback:
  • If an onsite kiosk is not the best solution for your business, we make use of SMS to gather the valuable information you need in a way that is easy for your customers and suitable to your business.
Mobile App Feedback:
  • This portable method allows you to go your customer and interact with them while capturing their input into our customer feedback software  by using their iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • The software is downloaded as an App to the device and capturing can be done on- or offline by using multiple questionnaires fit to the customer’s situation.  QR-code can also be used to have your customers reach a mobile survey.

Email & Online Feedback

Get valuable feedback by emailing directly your customers with an invite to give feedback

  • Our technology is perfectly adaptable to work online so that customers can receive an email inviting them to provide feedback on their own personal computer or tablet.
  • This will enable them to give you feedback when it is at the top of their mind, without having to visit your premises so that you can get the information the moment they think of it.

Paper Feedback

You can also use a traditional paper questionnaire to collect feedback

  • Our technology can perfectly cope with the traditional method of collecting feedback: paper questionnaire.  Using our state-of-the-art technology, you can create ready-to scan paper surveys that automates the upload of scanned paper survey forms into our customer feedback software.

Survey Management System

Our software help you organise and manage customer satisfaction surveys

  • Gathering the information is only the start of revolutionizing your customer service, what you do with the information will make the real difference.  This is why we utilize only the best customer survey software, so that we can provide you with the ability to manage information as it comes in, sending it in real-time to the employees responsible for resolving customer complaints and reacting on suggestions.
  • Once feedback is entered, the system will determine if there is any action needed on a complaint or query; automated satisfaction responses will then immediately be sent to the party responsible for dealing with the situation resulting in immediate response to your customer.
  • Our customer survey management tool also allows you to control all your survey questionnaires, whether the surveys are running on a kiosk, mobile phone or online.

Survey Data Reporting System

Automated survey reports delivered in your inbox so you can act

  • Our system enables you to turn feedback into business intelligence so that you can improve your current operation. Information and reports can be delivered in different formats so that it can fit into your business operations or we can integrate our functionality into your current customer relationship management system.
  • We are able to supply you with customizable graphs and charts, complete with filters for in-depth information on feedback associated with specific times, dates or any other criteria you might need.
  • These reports can be automated to deliver standard information for day-to-day monitoring of activities, or can be derived on ad-hoc basis when you are in need of specific insight.

Advanced Analytics System

Powerful platform to analyse your customer survey data

  • In order to track the success of improvements or assess areas in need of change, our technology can do trend analysis to identify significant customer complaint, complement, query and buying patterns.
  • These analysis can be done by city, province, time, date, target sectors or sub-sectors, allowing you to get an understanding of customer behaviour to use as foundation for operational improvements.
  • The data is also secured by a personal login given to each user which allows him to see only information he is allowed to see.

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